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Donation Request Guidelines

While it is gratifying to support events and organizations in our communities, Davis Floral is limited to the confines of our allotted annual giving budget. Please review the following guidelines to determine whether your organization meets our criteria for a donation.

Cultural and arts organizations that serve broad audiences with programming of the highest quality are eligible for support.

Support for projects is granted to local, grass-roots organizations that focus their efforts on improving their immediate community through activities that benefit families in their hometowns or neighborhoods.

We support a wide range of Social, Arts and Community causes. However, we are unable to provide support to for-profit organizations (employee recognition programs, company events, etc.) and third-party organizations. It is Davis Floral’s policy to support the organization or the organization's fund raising event directly rather than support a third-party event that benefits a charity.

If your organization meets the criteria established for a Davis Floral donation, you are invited to submit a Donation Request. Regrettably, Davis Floral receives many more requests for support than we can possibly fund, and some requests, therefore, are declined even though they meet the requirements and are indeed worthwhile endeavors. In an effort to assist as many organizations as possible, Davis Floral must practice a system of rotated giving. For instance, if Davis Floral donates to your organization one year, we may be unable to donate again the following year in order to assist another organization.

Thank you for thinking of Davis Floral and allowing us the opportunity to assist your organization or contribute to the success of your community event.

Click here to download the donation request form.