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Spathiphyllum Floor Plant
Item No: DF-3084
Known as a "Peace lily," the lovely Spathiphyllum plant features deep green foliage with shiny leaves and is known to grow striking, fragrant white flowers. This stunning, easy-to-care-for gift arrives in a classic planter to make an impression in the home, office, or for any occasion

Spathiphyllum (pronounced spey-thuh-fil-uhm) plant gets its name from the Greek work for sword, referring to the sword-like leaves. Fragrant white flowers bring striking beauty to any setting.
Great gift to celebrate a new business venture, promotion, housewarming or milestone anniversary.
Small measures approx 26"H
Medium measures approx 32"H
Large measures approx 36"H

Container may vary. Spathiphyllum usually produces white blooms in the spring.